Chief and Council

Constance Lake First Nation is a member of the Matawa Tribal Council and the Nishnawbe-Aski Nation.  It is governed by a Chief and six Councilors who are elected every two years.  To help to streamline administrative and political functions, Councilors are assigned various portfolios for programs which they are responsible for overseeing.
Chief Rick Allen

  • Negotiations
  • Governance
  • Affiliate Meetings
  • Business Development

Beatrice Ineese

  • Training
  • Education
  • Elders

Robyn Bunting

  • Social
  • Youth
  • Ontario Works
    Resource Development

Darius Ferris

  • Capital Works
  • Water Plant
  • Policing
  • Health

Ken Neegan

  • Infrastructure
  • Culture
  • Land & Resource
  Samantha John-George

  • Recreation
  • Faith
  • Housing
  Normon Solomon Sr.

  • Administration / Finance
  • Trappers Council
  • Communication