Constance Lake Development LP

Constance Lake Development LP is responsible for any all economic development planning and business development for the benefit of Constance Lake First Nation. Constance Lake Development Incorporation is working towards the improvement of social and economic conditions through the development of community-owned businesses.
Community-owned businesses can make a positive contribution to our community by:
  • creating jobs
  • creating wealth or income from profits that can be reinvested in community priorities including supporting the development of community ventures and projects.
Our first priority is to focus on the community ventures, the bottom line is that in order to succeed and be sustainable, Constance Lake Development Inc. needs to maintain an acceptable balance between employment and revenue generation for all projects we undertake.
Constance Lake Development Inc. takes a very proactive approach to economic development, ensuring we do not become a responsive organization reacting to issues as they arise. We ensure proper processes are in place to address concerns before they become real issues that can negatively impact the organization. We make an honest effort to be well-informed and meet the needs of the First Nation in the areas of economic development and employment creation.
Goals and Objectives:
  1. Assist with Negotiations and Advocacy
  2. Central Administration & Filing systems
  3. Research and Development
  4. Local Economic Development Support Services
  5. Shareholder of Businesses
  6. Special Projects (i.e.:Mining, Hydro, etc)
  7. Training Institute
Contact Information:
Constance Lake Development LP
37 Wawaskashoo Street
PO Box 349
Constance Lake, ON P0L 1B0
Work: (705) 463-4511
Fax: (705) 463-2222