Election Code

My name is Bentley Cheechoo, a proud member of the Constance Lake First Nation. As most of you are aware, I was Chief of our community for four consecutive two year terms and was blessed with support of our Elders and people of our community.
I recently was retained by our First Nation to carry on the Custom Election Code and I will be assisted by my son Patrick Cheechoo.
As I indicated, we are lucky people, we have people amongst the membership who are keen in determining our objective of governance. The First Nation’s governance committee was responsible for laying out what “Constance Lake First Nation Custom Election Code” might entail.
A copy of the draft “Custom Election Code” and a copy of a questionnaire will be posted on Constance Lake First Nation Website and your direct input would be greatly appreciated either through the CLFN website or directly to myself or Patrick.
In addition, we will be holding virtual conferences and schedule for those conferences will posted on Constance Lake First Nation Website which allow members to participate.
Secondly a questionnaire will also be posted for people who can communicate through computer.
A hard copy will be available at the band office.
I would like remind members this is a very important task so if we all participate we can have a custom election code of our own making.
I can be reached at:
Phone: 807-624-6094
Text: bcheechoo@gmail.com