Grade One – Ms. Danielle

Grade 1 Rocks!!!

I am so excited to be teaching grade 1 this year! We are going to learn so many cool things this year. Because of COVID many will be nervous to be back in school. It is ok to be nervous, we all are! School will look different this year. We will be wearing our masks, washing and sanitizing our hands, and most importantly keeping a safe distance from each other. The grade one classroom has been set up so that everyone is safe. All desks and students will be safely apart. It will be a new way of learning, but we will still have fun!

Here is a little information about myself……

This is my third year teaching at MHEC. I have been teaching for several years and have taught in many grades and places. I currently live in Constance Lake, but in the summer I live in Honey Harbor. In the summer I enjoy swimming, boating, campfires and spending quality time with my loved ones.