Grade Five- Ms. Michelle

Welcome to Grade 5

Hi there!

My name is Michelle Frost and I teach Grade 5. I am a Constance Lake Band member and have been living in my community for most of my life. I left home now and then to continue with my education. I love school and feel very blessed and grateful to be working here in our community’s school.

We have many exciting activities planned for this school year. As the year progresses and our activities accumulate, I will post some snapshots from our classroom and beyond; wherever our learning takes us!

Our Classroom Library, Listening and ‘Cool Down’ spot!

Our first snowfall; it was so warm we opened our window.


‘Go Noodle’ is a bit hit our class during DPA or when we need an energizer!

Our Fall Nature Walk collecting leaves and examining forces in nature.

Working with our Chrome Books in our Google Classroom in our Classroom!

Spooky Halloween Story Writing…..!

Mastering our Parts of Speech with Nouns and Verbs.

“The Empire Tower” planning phase….

….and more planning…

These guys mean business!

And they’re off!

Way to go Grade 5!

Our Brainstorming for Ms. Jasmine’s Anti-Bullying poster contest.

We found this pretty mushroom on our nature walk.

We’re loving our math on the white board.

Having fun while we learn….

Can you believe it! Someone left this stickie note in our classroom! Yay!

Don’t interrupt me, Ms. Michelle. Nouns are serious business!”

The more of our senses that we include in our learning the more we learn! Wow!

Yay! Our new Promethean board is here!

Rainbow writing in Literacy!

Big thumbs up from Ms. Michelle!

Social distancing in our classroom is a priority!

Ms. Evatney’s Syllabic Chart she uses during each lesson.