Grade Seven/Eight- Ms. McGregor


I’m Ms. McGregor! Here’s a little about me! I just moved to Hearst in August 2019 from Camlachie, Ontario for the 7/8 teaching position. This is my first teaching job and I have loved every moment of it so far! I graduated from Lakehead University in June 2019 where I received my bachelor degrees in Kinesiology and Education. Prior to this I received my diploma in Fitness and Health Promotion at Humber College in 2012. I have been a certified swimming instructor and lifeguard for over 11 years, which is where I found my love of teaching and working with youth! I have also instructed various Lifesaving Society Courses for upcoming lifeguards and am also a certified Standard First Aid Instructor. I love to play sports and coaching is another passion of mine that I hope to get more into as my teaching career progresses. I have played and participated in Hockey, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Swimming, Golf, Basketball, Rugby, Track & Field, Cross Country, Curling and Two-Pitch. I love to read books, explore the outdoors, be active, walk my dog Molly, play with my rabbit Pancake and spend times with friends and family!

Right now I am missing my students while we are out of school due to the COVID-19 virus!

To my students:

I hope you are doing well right now!!! I miss you and have been thinking about you!! I know it’s hard not being able to go to school right now but I hope you are enjoying your time off as well! Hopefully we will all be back at school together before we know it! I miss seeing you every day! I hope you have been outside enjoying all of the beautiful weather we’ve been having. I know me and my dog Molly have been going for lots of walks around Hearst.

Try to work on your work packages a little bit everyday but don’t forget to enjoy your time as well! Have fun with your friends, play with your siblings and spend time with your family! Try to help those around you who need it! Try new things and maybe try and learn a new skill, find a new hobby, try cooking or baking, be active, try writing a journal with your thoughts but the main thing is to HAVE FUN!!! I know I have been trying to do all those things myself to keep busy during my time away from you and the rest of the class!

I hope you are taking care of yourself! I hope you have been also enjoying the beautiful weather outside because it has been so warm! Hopefully you have been able to visit your friends a little bit while we have been off the past month.

I miss you and hope to see you back at school soon!


Ms. McGregor


Check out the following link to see the music video “It’ll be Alright” our Grade 7/8 class created with N’we Jinan Artists in November 2019.