Jane Mattinas Health Centre delivers health services as an accredited health services organization to clients from, or residing in, Constance Lake First Nation.  Services are delivered from the Jane Mattinas Health Centre and Elder Complex.

Jane Mattinas Health Centre is named after Jane Mattinas a community member who voluntarily assisted our community members with health care needs in their homes. We honour her commitment and dedication to our community’s health by continuing to find pathways to true healing.  Our principals are based on our seven grandfather teachings of Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility and Truth.

Our organization has been working towards quality best practices through Accreditation Canada to continue to improve services and communication to Health Care Partners.

Currently our client records for all program areas are managed using paper charting processes.  Aggregated reports required for monitoring service delivery, health service planning and funding are produced manually by referencing paper client charts.  These processes are extremely time consuming, inefficient and limit the ability to provide client services, manage outbreaks and exchange client information with our health care partners in a timely manner.

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