Once children enter our preschool daycare program they are ready for any challenge that comes their way. Circle time is a big part of the day. It’s a time for the children and teachers to come together, say good morning, sing familiar songs and do some learning. (Please don’t tell them that, they’re having too much fun!). Children of this age are true inquirers. It’s the stage where you will hear the question why? 1000 times a day. They are ready to start finding the answers on their own, in fact they delight in taking ownership over the learning process. While working on inquiry skills, our preschoolers are also partaking in a “get ready for school” program. Through games, songs, stories and physical experiences children will learn numbers, letters, colours and shapes. Printing, early reading skills and numeracy are also explored. Our approach is to integrate these skills into all that we do, with mini lessons to introduce new skills as children are ready.

Children are eligible for our preschool program at approximately 30 months of age.

Sample Preschool Daily Daycare Schedule coming soon!