Ontario Works


The Ontario Works Department provides assistance to those that qualify for basic and shelter allowance on a monthly basis. An application process is required to determine if the person is eligible to receive assistance. The Ontario Works Policies, Guidelines, and Directives are used by the Ontario Works staff to determine this process.

Constance Lake First Nation Ontario Works is also the delivery site for the employment support component of the Ontario Works program. There is additional funding available for clients to upgrade through education or training opportunities. Some of the eligible expenses may include but are not limited to child care, transportation, meals, grooming, and various workshops. This program is intended to help clients to become job ready.

Further information may be obtained from any of the Ontario Works staff members during office hours.

Contact Information/Staff
Location: 3 Nes-Qua St.
Fax number: (705) 463-2124

Corrina Cheechoo,
Ontario Works Administrator
Phone: 705-463-1077 ext. 223
Bonnie Allen,
Ontario Works Case / File Clerk
Phone: 705-463-1077 Ext: 225
Victoria Bluff,
Ontario Works Case/ Field Worker
Phone: 705-463-1077 Ext: 222
Melanie Ferris,
Ontario Works Case/ Field Worker
Phone: 705-463-1077 Ext: 227
Tiffany Solomon,
Ontario Works Case/ Field Worker
Phone: 705-463-1077 Ext: 224