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Sanitary System:

The community provides a sanitation system to approximately 250 homes. The dumpsite is located 2.5 miles out of the community. Garbage is available for those needing to have their garbage disposed of, providing they pay for their water and sewage first.

Wastewater Treatment system:

Constance Lake First Nation has Wastewater Collection system with all houses connected to the system and collected by 3 Lift Stations that pumps the wastewater to the Wastewater Treatment System that uses a two facultative lagoon for sewerage treatment. The system was upgraded in 2000 to increase capacity and to improve sewage treatment.

New Water Treatment Plant 2016

Constance Lake First Nation is the owner of the Water Treatment Plant facility and responsible to deliver safe drinking water to the members of the Community. Safe Drinking Water is first priority.

The community’s water supply is from Groundwater Sources, a total of 3 Groundwater Wells which are classified as Non-GUDI (Groundwater under direct influence by surface water). The Wells are connected to the New Water Treatment Plant that was recently constructed in 2015-2016 and commissioned in March 2016. The New Water Treatment Plant is treating the Water with 2 Pressurized Train Filters MD80 Greensand Media and using only one chemical solution which is Sodium Hypochlorite for Iron and Manganese removal and water disinfection.

The New Water Treatment Plant has been design and built for the next 20 year capacity of the Community’s future growth population. The Facility has an underground water storage tank under the Water Treatment Plant building with a holding capacity of 1200 M3 of water which is equal to 1 200 000 Liters of water. The Well system can supply a total of 600 M3 of water per day.

The Water Treatment Plant is equipped with a SCADA system (Supervisory Collection and Data Acquisition) which monitors the Water Treatment Plant Operation 24/7 with the assistance and operation by Water Plant Operators.

The Water Treatment Plant is a Class 2 Subsystem and the Distribution Subsystem is a Class 1.

The New Water Treatment Plant project completed the Swabbing of the Distribution System which cleaned all the pipes, and Bacterial Sampling was performed. The Swabbing phase permitted to lift the Boil Water Advisory that was on since March 2014. The Water is Safe to Drink in Constance Lake First Nation.

The Water Treatment Plant Operation monitors the system on daily basis and Water Sampling is perform on weekly basis that is sent to an Accredited Laboratory which is Near North Laboratory in North Bay to ensure Safe Drinking Water for the Community of Constance Lake First Nation.

Michael Gillis
Water Treatment Plant Operator
Constance Lake First Nation

Water Treatment Plant
Constance Lake First Nation Public Works
35 Wa-Wa-Ska-Shoo St.

P.O. Box 4000
Constance Lake Ont., P0L 1B0

Michael Gillis, Manager
Water Treatment Class II
Waste Water Treatment Class I

Phone: 705-463-2227
Fax# 1-705-463-1089
Carl John-George, Operator
Water Treatment Class I
Waste Water Treatment Operator in Training (OIT)

Phone: 705-463-2227
Fax# 1-705-463-1089