The youth Centre

Our facility is located on 11 Nanakahabo Street, only a three-minute walk from the school. The facility is filled with activities geared to equipped youth for a variety of healthy activities. Also included in our facility we created a space for tables and desks to ensure a place for study and focus.
For Youth Under 15
At Constance Lake First Nation, we know that our youth represent the future of our community. We believe strongly that their health, happiness, educational achievement and well-being will determine the overall health of our First Nation. By investing our time, knowledge and resources in youth and giving them a sense of place and tradition in the community, we are grooming our future leaders.
The following are the programs that we offer to support our youth aged 15 and under
Homework This program was developed to help young people with homework, offering extra attention to those who need it. Typically, students enjoy improved grades and an increased number of friendships. Healthy snacks are provided.
Volunteer Program Secondary students can obtain the hours they need to graduate by assisting the younger children with homework.
Physical Exercise The community offers sports nights for various ages. See scheduling for further updates.
Recreation Centre The Recreation Centre is a great place for our children to play and learn from each other. Games and tournaments are offered with prizes for as many as possible.
Discussions are held with youth on various topics including bullying, sex, drugs and alcohol. Treats and refreshments are provided.
Extra Curricular
The youth are taken outside the community to participate in bowling, skating and sliding out of the community. This gives them a chance to experience other locations and take part in activities that are not offered locally.
Social Night Recreation Centre Nights are held for girls club, games, drawing contests for prizes and movie nights with pizza and pop.
For Youth 15-30

The Constance Lake Youth Program is one of Matawa’s initiatives to engage and work with the many young people within our community. The objective of the program is to help our youth to make positive changes in their lives and to feel empowered to be the best that they can be. Our Local Youth Coordinator organizes after school activities, gym nights, youth events and community projects on a weekly basis. Programs are open to anyone who is aged 15-30 years.

Mitchell Sutherland,
Recreation Coordinator
Phone: 705-463-4009